Furisode exhibition of November ♪  ... rental corner ...

... which November begins, and feels autumn deepening for cooling of morning and evening

We hold exhibition of furisode in suzunoya Ginza store in November♪

We prepare for advantageous plan and wait for visit of all of you♡

On November 4, we take the front in Nihonbashi plaza in Ichikawa for 19 days on November 18 on 5th and can enjoy former knob rino atmosphere with photography fair as it becomes held at the same time♪

It is advantageous in October ♪  ... rental corner ...

・・ which completely became autumnal♪

How is outing to Ginza?

At suzunoya Ginza store rental corner, coming-of-age ceremony furisode pack is advantageous in October♡

In Yamazaki Bakery corporate pensions hall of Ichikawa, we hold furisode exhibition.

Please find one piece of favorite at this opportunity♪

Advantageous furisode pack ♪ ... rental corner ...

Of furisode of coming-of-age ceremony does offering finish already?

In suzunoya rental Ginza store, we prepare advantageous furisode pack and wait for visit of all of you♪

Advantageous pack of the 70th anniversary until tomorrow, October 1♡

It is ... (^^) without passing over at this opportunity

Advantageous furisode pack ♪ It is ... - rental corner ... without oo passing over

... that blue sky of typhoon pass spreads through Ginza♪

It is humidity that seemed to return in summer, ... (^^;

Is running out of very much body, and please spend time; ...♡

At rental corner of suzunoya Ginza store, we prepare advantageous furisode pack in September and wait for visit of all of you♪

Pack of order rental of 230,000 yen is 198,000 yen this month, too! !(+ tax)

When it is puretarentarupakku, 170,000 yen is what uniform! (+ tax)

As it is approximately 300 points of assortment of goods, one piece of favorite should be surely found!

As plus, plan of the 70th anniversary optional rental of bag & zori set is 70% OFF!!
(obi material type normal 10,000 yen + tax enamel type normal 5,000 yen + tax)

As 3,000 yen is off than making a promise amount of money by arrival reservation, come after reservation by all means; ... (^^)

Large Thanksgiving Day of the 70th anniversary ♪  ... rental corner ...

... which is guidance of large Thanksgiving Day of the 70th anniversary♪

We do it in September♡
(^^) which is very attractive furisode exhibition
Optional rental of zori & bag set usually obi material, 10,000 yen, enamel, thing of 5,000 yen,
70% off! We can rent de♪

And and furisode rental pack is guidance for flat rate, too!

Other than exhibition in Tobu hotel Levant Tokyo of Kinshicho, we always prepare approximately 300 points of furisode in Ginza store♡

This chance without passing over! !


Rental furisode presentation ♪ ... rental corner ...

Hot day continues, ...
Get completely exhausted in the summer, and, at time when fatigue is easy to come out, please spend nadonasaimasenyoni; ・・

By the way, furisode exhibition this year last on August 26 for 27 days in Oriental Hotel Tokyo bay in Urayasu
We hold.

Big privilege that we memorialize the suzunoya 70th anniversary this time is with♡

Opportunity by all means these in what always prepare approximately 300 points of furisode at the same time in Ginza store without passing over♪


We are still in time ♪ Did you decide furisode? ... rental corner ...

As for the heat MAX ... (^_^;

It is summer vacation ♪  Outing is shin (^^) by pleasure with clogs in fireworks and festival ... yukata, too  How do all of you become getting along?

We present yukata now when we have you decide furisode of coming-of-age ceremony in suzunoya Ginza store♡

It is ... without passing over at this opportunity♡


Today is festival - rental corner ... of the Star Festival

It is one of the five festivals, Star Festival Festival today.

When event to pray for sewing and progress of calligraphy transmitted from China was originally put together with festival to pray for old good harvest in Japan, the Star Festival seems to be said to be.

In yukata, look up at summer night sky, and put wish to strip of paper; and ...

How do all of you become getting along?

At suzunoya Ginza store rental corner, we prepare much furisode and wait for coming of today.

As for the coming-of-age ceremony, person of the year after next, please go out next year to suzunoya Ginza shop so that which usual, there is not still looks for this summer favorite one piece; ...♪

It kept a lot of yukata♪

It became hot, how is outing in yukata in families this year?

In suzunoya Ginza store, we had yukata a lot♪

Thing that kind varies, and both obi and ♡ men's yukata which we can choose in various ways have a cute yukata of child is Masuyo (^^) all together

We wait for visit of all of you!


Reservation of graduation hakama is ... early ♪ ... rental corner ...

As far as intramural reservation party begins and has all of you make a reservation and is glad♪

In Ginza store, you can choose kimono same as school member slowly.

... that we will come to right or wrong try-on as this new work is very pretty and was finished (^^), and I would like early reservation as for the kimono of popularity before disappearing♡



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