It is ... to customer who used suzunoya Ginza store

We usually have particular patronage, and thank you.

We had you favor Ginza store for 50 years from the opening time of January, 1967, but will close a shop on February 18.

In suzunoya Ueno Head Office, we will try for service to customer and guidance in future as well as until now. We would like to have you favor suzunoya sequentially.

Information for closeout sale

Therefore, with feeling of thanks, we hold closeout sale until from 16 to 18 on February.

We are waiting for your visit.

New Year first dream of the year City ♪  ... rental corner ...

How about furisode pack which 1/3~1/7 is first dream of the year city on the New Year, and is advantageous?
All products more than 180,000 yen are what usually off 50,000 yen in rental pack of pureta!
This opportunity without passing over♪

News of business hours  

News of business hours of the year-end and New Year holidays, coming-of-age ceremony

December 31, from 2 to 3 on January, business hours on 7th
From 11:00 to 18:00 (last reception desk 15:00)

Business hours of Coming-of-Age Day on January 8
From 14:00 to 19:00 (last reception desk 15:00)

Business hours are different from usual, as for New Year's Day, it is shop holiday again.
We would appreciate your being careful on visit.



News of Christmas festival ☆  ... rental corner

Until coming-of-age ceremony just a little over one month ... (^^;
It was busy season!

At suzunoya Ginza store rental corner, we are still in time! We prepare advantageous furisode pack and are Christmas fair now being held♪

Let alone coming-of-age ceremony, person of the next year is still in time the year after next, too!

It becomes advantageous special plan♡
It is ... without passing over at this opportunity! !

Furisode exhibition of November ♪  ... rental corner ...

... which November begins, and feels autumn deepening for cooling of morning and evening

We hold exhibition of furisode in suzunoya Ginza store in November♪

We prepare for advantageous plan and look forward to your visit♡

We take the front in Nihonbashi plaza in Ichikawa on November 18, 19th on November 4, 5th and can enjoy former knob rino atmosphere with shooting fair as it becomes held at the same time♪

It is advantageous in October ♪  ... rental corner ...

・・ which completely became autumnal♪

How is outing to Ginza?

At suzunoya Ginza store rental corner, coming-of-age ceremony furisode pack is advantageous in October♡

In Yamazaki Bakery corporate pensions hall of Ichikawa, we hold furisode exhibition.

Please find one piece of favorite at this opportunity♪

Advantageous furisode pack ♪ ... rental corner ...

Of furisode of coming-of-age ceremony does offering finish already?

In suzunoya rental Ginza store, we prepare advantageous furisode pack and look forward to your visit♪

Advantageous pack of the 70th anniversary until tomorrow, October 1♡

It is ... (^^) without passing over at this opportunity

Advantageous furisode pack ♪ It is ... - rental corner ... without passing over in this

... that blue sky of typhoon pass spreads through Ginza♪

It is humidity that seemed to return in summer, ... (^^;

Is running out of very much body, and please spend time; ...♡

At rental corner of suzunoya Ginza store, we prepare advantageous furisode pack in September and look forward to your visit♪

Pack of order rental of 230,000 yen is 198,000 yen this month, too! !(+ tax)

When it is puretarentarupakku, 170,000 yen is what uniform! (+ tax)

As it is approximately 300 points of assortment of goods, one piece of favorite should be surely found!

As plus, plan of the 70th anniversary optional rental of bag & zori set is 70% OFF!!
(obi material type normal 10,000 yen + tax enamel type normal 5,000 yen + tax)

As 3,000 yen is off than making a promise amount of money by visit reservation, come after reservation by all means; ... (^^)


Kimono suzunoya Ginza store
Kimono suzunoya Ginza store
5-6-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo MAP
Access: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line, Ginza Line Ginza Station Exit A2 3-minute walk
TEL: 03-3571-1500 (sale, town tries to be)
TEL: 03-6218-0211 (rental)
Business hours: From 11:00 to 20:00


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